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Personal Savings Accounts

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Plinqit, our new, simple and free* savings tool, can help you save for just about anything you need or want. Plinqit allows you to set savings goals and select reward options for reaching them. You can also earn money for things like referring friends and family, watching videos and reading articles pertaining to financial wellness.

You can create your Plinqit account by going to or downloading the Plinqit mobile app. Securely link your checking account to your Plinqit savings account. Set your savings goal and start saving today! You decide how often and how much each transfer should be, and then it is automatic! Saving has never been easier!

Whether you're saving for your next vacation, a child's education or for a rainy day, Plinqit can help! We are offering Plinqit to help our customers save money.



Automatic deposits.

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Earn rewards by inviting friends.

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Decide how often and how much each transfer should be.


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