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Customer FAQs

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Do I need to be present to open an account or can I open an account online?

No, you don’t have to be present to open an account. Click the link below to open a personal banking account online:

What is GenGold?

This great program is offered through First Community Bank’s partnership with Generations Gold Inc., one of the leading full-service-discount providers in the US. Your membership in GenGold will reap rewards quickly, as you begin to save money on purchases for travel, groceries, restaurants,movies, prescriptions and much more. Also, GenGold lets you register up to five additional family members who reside 25 miles or more from a First Community Bank branch.

Click here to learn more about GenGold.

Click here to apply for a GenGold membership.

How do I open a Squirrel Club account?

Come join the fun! Sign up for a Squirrel Club account at any of our convenient locations. Teach your children the importance of saving by opening a youth savings account and joining the Squirrel Club. (Checking accounts without activity may be charged dormant account fees.)

No minimum to open and no monthly service fee
Interest paid quarterly at current Youth Savings rate (subject to change)
Unlimited deposits, up to 6 withdrawals per statement cycle. A withdrawal fee of $1 will be charged for each debit in excess of six per statement cycle.*
Free First Community Bank ATM card
Free FirstLink Internet Banking
Telephone Banking line
Quarterly itemized statements
Club membership kit when you sign up
Free T-shirt when you save more than $100
Two fun club activities a year
Teaches children the importance of saving

*Transfers or withdrawals from the account to another account or to third parties by pre-authorized, automatic or telephone transfer are limited to six per month.

How soon can I get my debit card?

Get your debit card INSTANTLY at any one of the following locations::

• Batesville Main Branch - 1325 Harrison St. 
• Cherokee Village/Highland - 1 Iroquois Dr. 
• Mountain Home - 310 Hwy. 62 E. 
• Bald Knob - 159 Hwy. 167 
• Searcy - 2801 E. Race St. | 800 E. Beebe Capps | 2401 E. Beebe Capps 
• Cabot - 3084 Bill Foster Memorial Hwy. 
• Jonesboro - 1617 S. Caraway Rd. | 630 Southwest Drive 
• Lepanto - 202 Greenwood Ave. 
• Neosho, MO - 3005 Gardner Edgewood Dr.


How much money do I need to open an account?

With First Community Bank’s Christmas Club account, Youth Savings account/Squirrel Club account there is no required minimum. For a personal checking account to be opened a $50 minimum is required and for a personal savings account a $25 minimum is required. 

How do I access online banking?

With our online banking service, you have a virtual bank branch wherever you have a computer! Schedule payments, move money between accounts and more - anytime, day or night. 

For more information on online banking, click here

Does my checking account earn interest?

First Community Bank’s Educator’s Club account, Interest Checking account, Money Market account, Fifty-Plus Checking account, Savings account, Christmas Club account, Youth Saving/Squirrel Club account and Community Choice Checking account all offer interest paid. 

For more information on checking accounts offered, click here. And for more information on savings accounts offered, click here

What do I need to provide to open an account?

Two forms of identification are required and one should include a photo ID. 
The primary form of ID should include a picture, description and signature. The following documents would be acceptable: 

Driver’s License/non driver’s identification card
US Government
US Military
Alien registration card
Matricula Consular

The secondary form of ID has some but not all of the components of a primary ID. The following are acceptable as a second piece of identification, but never acceptable to open the account alone. The secondary documents are as follows:

• Social Security card
Voter’s registration 
Birth certificate
Credit cards
Bank cards
State government
Local government
Company identification
Police identification
Firearm license
Insurance card
Utility bill
Student ID card

What kind of accounts do you offer?

We have lots of great options! Please click here to see what best suits your needs. 

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