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With First Community Bank's Treasury Management products and services, your business banking is no longer limited to office hours or a branch. Our goal is to assist you with improving operational control, making more informed decisions that improve cash flow, and establishing personalized procedures for your transaction process. For more information, contact us at 888-422-1886 or

For First Community Bank treasury management customers who are converting to our new Connected Financial Office (CFO), click here for the user set-up guide. 

Preauthorized debits allow you to efficiently and electronically collect money from your customers' bank accounts by initiating one-time or scheduled recurring payments.

Our lockbox services help to expedite and streamline check payment processing by routing payments to a bank-managed P.O. box. This increases funds availability, improves overall cashflow, and allows your business to continue processing checks in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Our reliable and cost-effective merchant services technology helps you manage your point of sale, inventory, and card terminals which allows you to expand your ability to receive payments. In doing so, we help you expand your opportunity for sales.

Save time by easily and securely depositing business checks from anywhere, at any time.

Direct deposit funds for payroll, expense reimbursements, pension/annuity payments, or shareholder dividends into an employee’s account, and make vendor payments that include additional invoice information about the payment.

Bill pay provides an easy way for you to pay business bills and track payment history in one secure place – no more checks to keep up with or mailing supplies to keep on hand.

Earn points on every dollar spent with our low-rate business credit card. Redeem points for cash back, flights, hotels, fuel, and more.

Draw on your line of credit as needed without having to contact your loan officer, and schedule loan payments in advance or on a recurring basis.

Simplify the payables process and have more control over spending with our purchasing card. Card features include:

  •  Pay-in-full with no annual fee

  •  Cash back rebate paid annually based on usage

  •  Custom purchase controls

  •  Expense reporting system integration

  •  Department cards at no added cost

  •  Supplier discounts

First Community Bank’s wire transfer service offers a fast, secure, and flexible solution for domestic and international wires all with a few clicks of your mouse.

Check positive pay greatly reduces the risk of financial loss by allowing you to quickly identify unauthorized, counterfeit, or altered checks before they ever clear your account.

Positive pay works to protect your business against payment fraud. By providing us with a list of authorized vendors, you control who has the authority to debit your account.

Mitigate the risk of internal fraud by utilizing our online control tools that allow you to assign appropriate levels of access to those in your company who need access to your treasury management software.

Reduce manual reconciliation errors with our automated system that allows you to reconcile checks issued and deposits made – quickly and easily.

With Autobooks, you can customize your invoices, create recurring invoices, easily keep track of all invoices and payments processed, and create payment links or QR codes to place anywhere you interact with your customers.

First Community Bank’s loan sweep services provide you with an automated link between your line of credit and your checking account. This helps you manage your daily cash flow by guaranteeing funds will be available to cover incoming debits. Your idle or excess funds can be used to pay down your line of credit.

First Community Bank's Zero Balance Account (ZBA) is designed for businesses that are looking to automate account funding. ZBA’s serve as a gatekeeper for a business operating account by allowing subsidiary accounts to be utilized for disbursements while maintaining minimum balances to limit exposure. The ZBA process is determined by you, for you.

Whether you’re in the office or on the go, First Community Bank’s treasury management mobile app lets you manage your accounts, deposit checks, and more – anytime, anywhere – from our sophisticated mobile interface. With easy-to-navigate menus, you can stay organized and quickly view account transactions. Available in Apple® and Android® app stores. 

Mobile deposit provides an efficient way to streamline deposit preparation and eliminate multiple trips to the bank. Quickly and easily create deposits and transfer money between accounts.

Approve ACH and wire transfer transactions without being tied to your desk. Our mobile app brings you the convenience of community banking with multi-layer security and access controls.

As part of our Treasury Management Services, First Community Bank offers one of the most reliable, cost-effective merchant services programs available. Our merchant services can help you manage your point of sales, inventory and card terminals. Whatever your merchant services needs, we have an option that is right for you! As a community bank, we are committed to helping your business grow. It's a great feeling to have people you know and trust just a phone call away.

Expanding your customer's payment options means expanding your opportunities for sales. And we can offer you payment processing to make it all happen.

You'll benefit from competitive MasterCard and Visa discount rates. Plus, your customers will appreciate a wide variety of payment options -- American Express, Discover, Diners Club, Carte Blanche, JCB, gift cards, debit cards, fleet, private label, corporate and purchasing cards--all from a single terminal.

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Toll-free: 888-780-8391

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