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Kids World Childcare Center
Conway, Arkansas

Jamisa Nuness-Hogan is not just the owner of Kids World Childcare Center in Conway; she is a beacon of resilience and hope in her community. Overcoming the challenges of becoming a successful business owner as a minority woman, Jamisa’s journey is a testament to her unwavering dedication.

Starting as a single mom at 17, Jamisa's vision for Kids World started by caring for a friend's children, which gradually grew into a full-fledged childcare center. Despite facing challenges, such as the loss of her previous location to a fire in 2000, Jamisa remained undeterred, moving forward with grace and determination.

With the support of First Community Bank, Jamisa is embarking on a new chapter, building her own center after 30 years. Her decision to choose First Community Bank was rooted in their swift and supportive process, a stark contrast to her experience with other banks. She recalls Jackie Bennett, her loan officer at First Community Bank, saying, “Absolutely, we can help you!” This partnership has not only provided financial backing but also a renewed sense of confidence and determination.

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