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May 13, 2021

First Community Bank employees recently formed a committee to participate in fundraising efforts for childhood cancer awareness month, which is a cause that is nationally recognized every September. With a goal to increase awareness and raise funds for those affected by childhood cancer, the American Childhood Cancer Organization has encouraged everyone to “Go Gold” during September in honor and in memory of children with cancer.

The First Community Bank Go for the Gold committee consists of the following employees: Nichole Showalter, Pat Rutherford, Mila Mote, Wendy Hurt, Samantha Buie, Deb Reeder, Laura Caraway and Mary Henderson. And floor leaders for the fundraising efforts are as follows: Michelle Reesor, Eva Henriksen, Joe Smith, and Aaron Green. 

“Our biggest fundraiser has been the ‘Coins for Cancer’ contest between each floor of the bank at every one of our branches. We have raised $3,471.64 with that fundraiser,” said Mary Henderson. “Our bake sales have been a huge success raising a total of $915.10, and we have also sold face masks, ’Fight like a Kid’ bracelets and gold ribbons. First Community Bank generously contributed an additional $2,800 to the employee efforts for a total of $7,331.49.”

Henderson, who has a personal interest for participating in the fundraising efforts also said, “Three years ago my nephew, Michael Reed, was diagnosed with B cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia. He was just shy of four years old.  We have watched this strong little guy fight many battles over the past three years and go through many painful and scary procedures, especially scary for such a little person who has no idea what is happening.  The first month after diagnosis is the hardest, as that is the month that the doctors try very hard to put the cancer into remission.  After remission is maintenance, and for three years, Michael has had to take daily chemo pills, have numerous lumbar punctures, blood work, and steroids, not to mention the worries that come along with trying to keep him germ free. Any cold or sickness can be life threatening, because his immune system is basically null. And the thing is, this is not a rare thing to happen to children. Independence County has many kids fighting now or that have fought cancer. In fact, about 43 children per day are diagnosed with cancer in the US alone.”
“First Community Bank is proud of our employees’ commitment on behalf of childhood cancer awareness, which profoundly impacts the individuals affected and their families,” said Boris Dover, president and COO at First Community Bank. “We want to do everything that we can to show our support to these children and others fighting.”


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